Pala predicts electoral setback for MDA Govt


Meghalaya News 24 exclusive


Congress chief Vincent H Pala has predicted that the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) and its coalition partners in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government will suffer a “big setback” in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections.

“The NPP, UDP and other (coalition partners of the MDA) will have a big setback in the coming elections. (This is because) most of the people are fed up with the present state government,” Pala told Meghalaya News 24.

He added, “I am afraid how many out of the two MLAs will still remain in the HSPDP. They may have to go somewhere else you never know because there is already news that they may join NPP.”

He said similarly, many NPP MLAs may also join other parties as they know the ground reality that people are fed up with them.

Stating that 2023 polls will be a totally different scenario, the MPCC chief claimed that the NPP will be reduced tremendously.

“Why I am telling you it will be reduced as people are not happy be it government servants or general public and business communities.

I was in the police bazaar campaigning quietly door to door – I could see how people in the police bazaar area had very high expectations from the present government but what abuse this government is doing you cannot imagine,” he said.