Pala says he favours Pynshngainlang Syiem as Congress candidate for Pynthorumkhrah constituency


The newly appointed Meghalaya Pradesh Congress President Vincent Pala said he will favour Pynshngainlang Syiem as Congress candidate for Pynthorumkhrah constituency.

Reacting to a query if incumbent Legislator from 14 Pynthorumkhrah constituency seeks Congress ticket for the upcoming 2023 election, Pala said, “Even if Bah Hek joins or Pynshngainlang joins , we will not fight definitely Bah Pynshngainlang no doubt according to me although it is too early to declare the candidate Bah Pynshngainlang joining has already taken first step so definitely we will favour Bah Pynshngainlang.”

First time in the history of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee, that the newly appointed MPCC President openly declares his choice of candidates even before taking over the charge officially.

Talking to reporters at the sideline of the joining function organised by MPCC, Pala said, “We will accept anybody who will join us, we will be very happy if Bah Hek joins us into the party, there is no doubt we will be happy to take him, but you know Bah Hek also is a candidate we have also Bah PN Syiem there is nothing to hide bah Pynshngainlang joined us because he has a plan to fight from there so definitely we will have a priority for Bah Pynshngainlang then Bah Hek.”