‘Party is there but faces also we require,’ says Hek as BJP looks forward to pull big names for 2023 election

Health Minister AL Hek

Admitting that the BJP lacks big names and faces which is the reason for the party’s not so good performance in the elections, the leader of BJP legislative Party and cabinet Minister AL Hek said the saffron party is already doing its groundwork in this regard.
“No doubt they (Electorates) are in favour of BJP in our state including Garo Hills also..but in Meghalaya election we need faces also,” Hek said while hinting that such likings by the people do not get transformed into votes because of lack of big names.
Asked, he said, “The party is there but faces also we require, so it is equally important if we don’t have the good faces, people will not just vote for the party nor only the faces both the party and the faces are required at the same time.”

It may be mentioned that the Minister sometimes back claimed that several sitting legislators are in touch with BJP for switching over.

Asked do we see like BJP bringing more faces in the party, Hek said, “ofcourse, we are already doing our groundwork to get more good faces for the BJP in our state, not only for the district council election for Garo Hills.”

Asked further about when BJP will announce its candidate list for the Garo Hills Autonomous District council polls, he said, “In the constituencies, we need good candidates to contest the election, so that’s why I am saying the faces also equally important.”

“They (BJP state leadership) have to sit as the party and check every individual applicant than only they will decide on the candidates; the procedure of the party has to be followed,” Hek said mentioning that BJP is a disciplined party where decisions are taken by following the principle of collective responsibility.

Asked about the manifesto, he said “apart from corruption in GHADC, other issues related to the interest of the people and the state.
He further said that the BJP is gearing up for the GHADC poll as the party has recently organized meetings in Garo Hills for the upcoming poll.