Paul attributes rising crime against women to increasing abuse of social media and lacunae in IT policy

SHILLONG, MAY 14: Social Welfare Minister Paul Lyngdoh on Tuesday attributed the growing trend of crimes against women to the increasing abuse of social media and the lacunae in the Information Technology (IT) policy of the country.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “This is a growing trend which to a very large extent can be attributed to changing moral attitude and the entire outlook of citizens especially given the increasing abuse of social media.”


“You will see that generally if you and I were to converse, we would use decent civil language but once I talk to you over social media, I would use the foulest language possible under the sun.”


The minister said, “There are a number of lacunae in the IT policy being followed in this country, which is why people have free access to a number of sites, which actually encourage the trend of disrespecting women, abusing them and physically attacking them.”


“It’s a very worrisome trend but the law alone will not be able to take care of that. There has to be sensitization at various levels including and this is very important and this has to start at the locality level and it also has to percolate from the various faith leaders, who are taking care of their faithfuls every now and then,” he added.


Lyngdoh also slammed political elements for encouraging disrespect to authority.


“That’s what I am saying people, there is a constant dehumanizing of the individual, a total disrespect to authority and there are even political elements, who encourage a disrespect to authority so when you add all of these together you have the scenario that we have today in Meghalaya,” he said.

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