Paul holds meeting with representatives of 10 dorbar shnong of West Shillong constituency

SHILLONG, MAY 23: Social Welfare Minister Paul Lyngdoh on Thursday hold a meeting with representatives of the 10 dorbar shnong of West Shillong constituency for elicit their opinion on various issues confronting the constituency which include matters relating to development and concerns over the drug menace.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “Where developmental activities are concerned, the issues raised concerning water, power supply, LPG connections and distributions and road capacity, traffic – those were issues raised. We also discussed about situation that has now become very rampant, which is the growth of drug users and drug traffickers in the constituency.”


“In presence of government officials, the various concerns were raised and addressed,” he said.


He informed that they have also agreed for an on spot inspection of the various sites within the constituency relating to demarcation of traffic junctions and also for parking lots to be earmarked within the constituency.

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