People residing at Interstate border will decide what is best for them


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday maintained that the state government has left it to the people residing along the interstate border to decide what is best for them.

“I don’t think it’s possible to pressurize anybody in any way. Of course people will make the choice and we have left it to the people to express their concerns,” Sangma told reporters while reacting to allegations that people are being pressured to be part of Meghalaya.


He further added that the people have been living in that area for a long time and they will decide what’s best for them.

“There may be concerns from the Assam government but we are very much in touch because the Assam chief minister and I have been speaking regularly. We even spoke today,” he said.

The chief minister further assured that they will be informing more in a day or two as far as the effort to resolve the boundary dispute between the two states is concerned.

Earlier, the regional committees have submitted their reports to the chief minister.