Please come and discuss your concerns: CM urges political partners

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma. Pic courtesy Facebook

Justifying the statement made by Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong that if BJP is not satisfied they can withdraw their support, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma reiterated that all political parties can come and discuss concerns over the table with him. He further said BJP, time and again comes out with inconsistent statements before the press, which is irresponsible.

“There is no doubt that if there is any concern that any of the political parties are facing we have always said please come in, share and discuss with us, and if you have any concerns we can always resolve it and find a solution to it,” Sangma said.

“Coming out in the press like this and continuously giving irresponsible statements are not the way, you have to act responsibly to make sure that you give consistent statements. I think the way the party leadership of the BJP has been speaking has been very irresponsible and therefore whatever the deputy CM has said is correct,” The Chief Minister said.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Monday said BJP leaders talking against the Government were the individuals who are were not there when the alliance was formed.

“The individuals who are speaking now were not even there when the discussion between BJP, NPP, and MDA took place, they were most probably in other political parties or they were independents so they don’t even know what discussions and what level took place,” Sangma said.
“So I think they should understand that they are not in the right position to going into all details but as a coalition partner and as chairman of the MDA, I am very much willing to discuss all the matters but one must act responsibly,” he added.

On the allegations of alleged corruption in district councils and repeated statements being given by the BJP members, the Chief Minister said that his office is open for all coalition partners to come and discuss.

“We have always been open, and in fact, I always meet our coalition partners at all the levels, in fact, all the presidents of the political parties when they have any issues, they just walk into my room they don’t even seek an appointment, the same with our MLAs,” the CM said.
Maintaining that the Chief Minister’s office is very open and very flexible to all the alliance partners, Conrad said, “We are available and accessibility is there to all of them at any given time so there should not be an issue for the political parties to meet.” EOM