Political parties part of MDA Govt cannot shy away from boundary issues: Prof Malcom Tariang


Prof Malcom Tariang, who was inducted in the National People’s Party (NPP) on Thursday, said political parties who are part of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government cannot shy away from the boundary issue.


Speaking to reporters after being inducted into the NPP, Tariang said, “All political parties that are in this government cannot shy away. No political party that is part of the MDA government can shy away from the responsibilities regarding the border issue.”


Tariang said therefore, some resolution has to be taken.


“Without blaming any government, successive governments have kept on talking about the boundary issue, lots of lip talk has been there,” he said adding “The previous Congress government maybe has tried to do something, they have some you know some plan in place and I do understand that some of those proposals have been also adopted by this government in initiating some resolution to the border dispute.”


He said in many conflicts, when  a decision is taken you cannot get 100% consensus and a hundred per cent of the people will not be satisfied.


“There will always be somebody who will be left aggrieved but the thing is this government has shown intent and when I say this government I include all the political parties that are in this government. At least this government, I’ll give them the credit, they have had the guts and the courage to take this decision as it is a very tough decision.”


“Because I’m sure that they also know that a lot of people will be unhappy but then at least a decision has been taken otherwise the easy way out is to do is to do nothing. Don’t take any decision let things go as they are but they have taken a decision, there are people who are unhappy,” Tariang added.