Electioneering in Meghalaya has taken a musical upswing with political parties doing everything possible to connect with the voters by hitting the right notes. Meghalaya, considered as the musical hub of India. Music and culture embodies the spirit of the state.

This election season, music is in the air as it became part of every political event. From western to folk songs, music rooted up in this electioneering process.

Dancing people, cheerful faces as they sing the song ‘Vote for NPP’.  Waving flags and scarves, several youths and women supporters of NPP danced as Shillong based music band ‘Colours’ enthralled the audience with their live performance.

The beat of music is not missed by Children, as they were seen waving flags at the NPP rally.

Striking the right cord, the rallies of candidates and political parties are never complete without good music.

The love for music in the state is unmatchable; politicians in their political campaign are at times accompanied by local folk singers and dancers. Some even hire DJs for political events.  Live music performance by various renowned bands of the town is always the highlight of the show.


On numerous occasions, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s passion for music is discussed. Sangma loves to play electric guitar and sing popular numbers.

The young politicians from Meghalaya have always been the icons of the youths.

With a large number of the electorate being the youth, going to any political event musical extravaganza always takes a centre stage.

Politicians in Meghalaya not only love music but are musicians themselves be it Chief Minister Conrad Sangma or leader of opposition and TMC leader Dr. Mukul Sangma. Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative and United Democratic Party president Metbah Lyngdoh, these politicians are also wonderful singers.

Never to miss the dance of Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, he has his own fan following.

To give the campaign a musical touch,  Meghalaya Trinamool Congress launched campaign songs in two languages – Khasi and Garo. The campaign songs are simultaneously  launched in Shillong and Tura.

The song – Hoi Kiw Haka TMC in Khasi and Ahowee Inchrona in Garo– encapsulates the energy of the people of Meghalaya, calling everyone to march forward towards development and change with Meghalaya TMC.

Even the Election Commission produces videos and hosts concerts asking people to exercise their franchise.

“Vote for sure,” “let’s get inked,”, “Decide to vote,” “I will vote,” “ I believe in what I can do with my vote,” are some of the messages the election department is trying to spread.



By Editor