Pressure groups threaten to take action, if Govt fails to inaugurate entry points on December 21. 


After the Government has differ the inauguration of the entry point in the days by five days, the four pressure groups have threatened to take action if the state government fails to inaugurate the much-awaited entry point at Umling in Ri Bhoi district on December 21.

 The decision was announced at a public meeting organized by the KSU, FKJGP, HNYF, and RBYF at Motphran on Thursday, after the state government has failed to inaugurate the entry point on December 16 and instead decided to postpone it to December 21.

 It may be mentioned here that the setting up of the entry-exit points have been mandated as per the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA), 2016 to address the issue of influx and illegal immigration.

 “We will be compelled to inaugurate the entry point on our own if the state government fails to do so on December 21,” FKJGP president, Wellbirth Rani said.

 He said members of the four pressure groups will go down to the entry point at Umling and ensure that it is immediately made operational. “We will deploy our members to start the checking (of outsiders) at the entry point,” Rani said.

 KSU general secretary, Donald V Thabah reminded that the state government during the 2013 ILP agitations had decided to come up with the MRSSA in 2016, pending the implementation of the ILP in the state.

 “However four years have lapsed but till date, we are yet to see the light of day since the government is dilly-dallying the implementation of the first phase of setting up the entry-exit points across the state,” he said.

 He continued, “They (Govt) have assured that they will inaugurate the entry point at Umling but they keep on postponing which I feel it is more or less they are trying to play with our sentiments.”

 Thabah added, “Therefore, the organizations are compelled to decide that if the inauguration of the entry point is not held on December 21, then we will be forced to take action into our own hands.”

 On the delay to implement the ILP in the state, the KSU leader further informed that the pressure groups have decided to resort to aggressive agitations by next year, to ensure that the long-pending aspiration of the people is fulfilled.