Prestone alleges Dr. Mukul of converting Secretariat into a “private corporation” during his tenure


Justifying his reason to leave Congress and join NPP, Deputy Chief Minister leader Prestone Tynsong blames the leadership of Congress and said he left the Congress because Dr. Mukul Sangma was converting the secretariat into a “private corporation”.
“I left the Congress because the policy and the leadership that time led by Mukul Sangma was the worst ever in my life as a politician because that time he converted the secretariat as a ‘private corporation’. He was the CM and at the same time, he treated himself as CMD of the secretariat…whatever he says even if it was wrong also, we have to just say yes,” Tynsong told reporters.
His statement came as a strong reaction to the allegation made by the opposition Congress that the people of the state are fed of the present NPP-led MDA government because it has failed to keep its promises made during the elections.
“Just because you (Congress) are now sitting in the opposition, without knowing the facts, blaming the government that we are sitting idle, I think that is totally wrong,” Tynsong said while asking the Congress to go back to the time when it was ruling the state.
“The Congress should give us in writing what they did during their time…how many years they have been in power, how many years they have been in government, everybody knows,” he said.
On the allegation that there is no development in the state, the deputy chief minister said he would not want to listen to what the Congress is saying because it is upto the people to decide on whether there is development or not under the present government.
According to him, the MDA government is also doing its best to generate employment opportunities for local youths by bringing in various investments into the state.