Prestone asks both local and non-local NGOs not to cross the line

SHILLONG, APR 2: Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Home (Police) Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday asked both local and non-local NGOs not to cross the line .


Following the arrest of two KSU members in connection with Ichamati incident, Tynsong said,

“The message is very clear be it to our local NGOs or be non-tribal NGOs so-called that my request and appeal to all of them is please don’t cross the line, you can’t cross the line, let the law prevail as it is and the law will not spare anybody.”


He said, “So, I would like to appeal and request all of them (NGOs) to refrain from such kind of incidents, which is very unfortunate to everybody. So, I would like to request all of them see the law is above everybody and from the government side, we will make sure that the law takes its own course.”


According to him, the inquiry into the case is still going on.


Asked, Tynsong said, “See the challenges are always there but we are prepared for it. Whatever law and order arise, we are there, we are capable to handle things and as I said my request is only this that any concerned NGOs, they should not add fuel unnecessarily to the incident because recently I saw I may call it fake statement made that they wanted to do this and that so unnecessarily fuel is added.”


“Also, I warn everybody don’t go beyond the limit of prescribed law because we are being guided by law, rules and regulations,” he added.

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