Prestone asks defaulter industries to clear pending electricity Bills


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday said  industries have been asked to clear their pending dues at the earliest failing which power will be disconnected.

Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said that the MeECL is trying its best to recover the outstanding dues be it from the industries or from the households at the earliest possible.

“We have worked out a system and we have told them to pay at the earliest possible,” he said.

With regards to an RTI report which revealed that over 58 industries in Umiam and Byrnihat have failed to pay electricity bills amounting to Rs 44 crores, Tynsong said that such defaulters will also have to pay a penalty amount.

He said there is no question of waiving off the pending dues.

According to him, the department had implemented a one time settlement scheme during 2018-19 but this was to waive off the penalty amount and not the pending bills.

Tynsong said the MeECL had already disconnected power supply to some of the industries that failed to comply with the order.

“As I said those industries be it coke or be it cement when the outstanding is huge, the corporation gives notice asking them to pay the outstanding including the penalty and if you fail to do that on such dates then the power will be disconnected or will be cut,” he added.