Prestone confident NPP Govt will continue for another 3 terms


The ruling National People’s Party (NPP) national vice president Prestone Tynsong has expressed confidence that the NPP-led MDA government will continue for another three terms.


“I don’t agree. What anti-incumbency? If they (opposition) talked about anti-incumbency then why Mamata Banerjee she continued three terms. Let me just tell you, the NPP-led  government or MDA government will continue for another three terms,” he said.


The AITC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee had recently claimed that his party will defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura and its partner the National People’s Party (NPP) in Meghalaya.

When asked, Tynsong however said, “Yes, we accept this challenge as we are already in such high spirits to fight. Let us see on that particular day when the counting starts because the voters of Meghalaya are wiser than anybody else.”


On the allegations by the AITC state vice president and Umroi MLA George B Lyngdoh that governance in Meghalaya crumbling and mis-governance is happening on a daily basis, Tynsong said, “Let the Umroi MLA show me one by one where is the sector which the MDA government failed. Because he is talking in general, I don’t know what he means by saying that the MDA failed, I wanted to know exactly which part of the governance that we have failed because we have tried our best and people must have seen it also.”


Stating that such allegations and blaming the government will obviously happen during election year, the NPP leader said, “So the opposition naturally has to say something otherwise their names will be wiped out.”