Prestone dares Pala to file an FIR against ruling parties for alleged illegalities


National People’s Party (NPP) leader and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Thursday dared the opposition Congress chief Vincent H Pala to file an FIR against the ruling parties if he has proof that they are indulging in illegal collection.


“If he (Pala) does have documentary proof, I think the nearest police station is always there, let him file FIR because I don’t want to debate, why should we debate?” Tynsong told a section of reporters while reacting to Pala’s allegation that COVID camps are becoming “ATMs” of the NPP and UDP during elections.


“But if the allegation is true, I think Congress has quite a number of legal experts within the party so a legal course of action should be taken and if not it is only a mere allegation,” he further maintained.  


Tynsong also said that he also found the statement of the MPCC chief very immature when he alleged that the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance is divided more than the Congress party.


“If he says that MDA is not united, that is totally wrong. He needs to understand one thing be it NDA, be it UPA, be it MDA in the state, when election comes are you trying to say that UPA should be only with Congress alone though of course the major number of MPs goes to Congress but it doesn’t mean those partners who join the UPA cannot contest election.

If it is so, I would request the MPCC president to show me in which part of the Constitution of India which says that the alliance – MDA or NDA or UPA cannot contest elections separately when they go for elections,” he said.


To a query if Pala and Mukul Sangma’s decision to work together will affect the NPP in the bypolls, the NPP leader however said whether they combine (force) or don’t combine, election is election.



“When we fight elections, we never talk about the division, we talk about the party, so when we talk about the party it is up to the Congress to work hard and it is the duty of the NPP or UDP to work hard to win the election,” he asserted.

When asked, the deputy chief minister said the Congress can go for a legal course of action if they can substantiate their allegation adding “The allegation made during the election is something which I personally feel voters understand better than anybody else.”


He continued, “I am not surprise with the way the Congress party keep making allegation against the MDA partners, be it NPP, be it UDP, be it PDF, be it HSPDP, be it NCP, be it BJP – so for me it is not a new thing as they don’t have any agenda during this bye election.”


“You tell me, what is the agenda of the Congress right now in the bye election? If the agenda is to form a government, I think people will understand that yes that is the agenda but now the agenda they don’t have. Can MPCC president or Congress say this time while canvassing while going to the public, give some kind of agenda please vote for our official candidate so that we can form a government, can they say that? Nothing, so therefore, my clarification here is very simple, people of these constituencies or voters I think have already decided, they already understand which candidate to vote for because they need development. When they need development means they need to be with the party which is in the ruling,” he added.