Prestone defends Govt on political appointees


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has defended the MDA Government on the allegation that too many political appointees have contributed to the financial crisis in the state.

Talking to reporters on Monday, Tynsong said, “You can’t help it, this is the system we are doing. Right from day one of our statehood, the system is already in place and we are doing it till today. “

The deputy CM, however, claimed that the state government is taking steps to make sure that unnecessary expenditure is avoided.

With Meghalaya all set to celebrate 50 years of statehood this January, the number of political appointees in the state in these 50 years is worrisome. This issue has been raised by sundry quarters. However, the present MDA Government formed with the support of multiple political parties, is no different.

With the state currently facing financial difficulties, a number of allegations have been levelled in this regard. Very often the notification on new political appointment are seen as the state Government tries to please the coalition partners and the political leaders.

Recently, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) questioned the state government for making political appointees and many advisors to the Chief Minister, thereby draining the state exchequer.

Asked, the Deputy Chief Minister, Tynsong, on Monday blamed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the current financial crisis in the state.

Tynsong told reporters that the crisis due to the pandemic is happening not only in Meghalaya but throughout the country and throughout the world.

You need to understand one thing especially during our term from 2020 till today, we have the pandemic and how many months we have to close down all (economic) activities.

            If you compare, it does not mean that the government does not have funds but even the households themselves don’t have money. Why they don’t have money, is it because of mismanagement, no, it is because of the pandemic,” he stated.

The deputy chief minister was reacting to the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC)’s demand for an independent probe into the alleged financial mess and misappropriation of funds in the state.

He also ruled out the possibility of setting up such an independent inquiry and said, “The annual report of the Auditor General (AG) is always laid on the table of the House. All the details, even one rupee reflected over there, so that report is complete and final.

So whatever amount we spend, be it centrally sponsored schemes, be it the state schemes, everything is reflected in the final report.

It (report) is not given by us, not from the Directorate of the state government, it is done by the AG office and then by the Chief Controller of Accounts from Delhi. “