Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Wednesday said the opposition AITC national spokesperson Saket Gokhale is not part and parcel of Meghalaya.


Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said, “My statement also stands. Why should I spend time with a person who has nothing to do and we really don’t know also how much he love and care about Meghalaya. I think you all know he is from which place and then he is talking as if he is part and parcel of Meghalaya but he is not at all.”


Stating that he has never seen such a national spokesperson like Gokhale before, Tynsong said, “When you make allegations you need to also bring in the documentary proofs otherwise just for the sake of saying that MDA government is a thief this and that I think I will not at all spend time with this fellow.”


He said that Gokhale allegations are baseless. Tynsong said, “We are governed by the rules, the executive rules of the government be it in Meghalaya or other states in India. We are being guided and governed by the executive rules. Therefore, again back to square one his allegations are baseless.”


On the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma asking the government to come out clean on the allegation, Tynsong said, “Let the Leader of Opposition spend time, go to this society, sit over there and check all papers you will get everything. Moreover, ultimately you have to understand one thing that Dr Mukul knows well about the rules and procedures. Be it government societies, be it government companies or be it government departments we are subjected ultimately to be examined to be checked whatever money we spend in any sectors ultimately it has to be reflected in the book of accounts, which is ultimately known as CAG report.”


By Editor