Prestone slams Pala for calling Govt’s secretariat a “den of thieves”


National People’s Party (NPP) leader and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday slammed the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Vincent H Pala for alleging that the government secretariat is a “den of thieves”.

 Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said, “I never expected the stature of a three-time MP to talk in that way…alleging that the secretariat is a den of thieves.”

Stating that the allegation is very serious, Tynsong also said that Pala is trying to mislead the people of Meghalaya. “How can you say that the secretariat is a den of thieves? The secretariat is a temple for development. The secretariat is the backbone and the brain of the state.”

 He said that never in his whole political career had he come across people making such wrong allegations against the secretariat.

 Asking the Shillong MP not to be immature, the deputy chief minister said, “I really request Mr Pala to refrain from this kind of statement which is not at all healthy but shows your immaturity in politics.”

 “Please don’t give this kind of statement because people judge whatever words you speak. You should not just speak out of emotions. When you speak, please assess, when you talk don’t talk nonsense, talk sense at least people of the state also understand that, let them understand and they should understand,” he stated.