Prestone to meet leaders of five pressure groups on Thursday

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong will be meeting leaders of the five pressure groups on Thursday.


Informing this on Wednesday, Tynsong said, “Tomorrow I will be meeting them and I reiterate that our door is always open in the secretariat.”


On Tuesday activists of the five pressure groups had staged a surprise march to the Secretariat defying section 144 CrPC while responding to Tynsong’s appeal to demand the state government to fulfil the nine point charter of demands that include implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state.


“We are here to discuss any issue and I hope we will have constructive discussion with the NGOs,” Tynsong said.

On the violation of section 144 CrPC, the deputy chief minister said, “I request that all should respect the law and when we talk about law, the law enforcing agency will have to take necessary action,” while assuring “We will try our best to ensure law and order is under control and nobody takes law in their own hand.”


Tynsong also denied the allegation made by the opposition that law and order in the state is deteriorating by saying arrests have been made against the perpetrators of the violent incident during the FKJGP’s rally over unemployment.


He said that NGO leaders are responsible citizens, who are also serving the people of the state. “I appeal and I request all concerns we should abide by the law we should abide by the rules which is already in place throughout the state.”

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