Prestone Tynsong says BJP is free to leave MDA if not happy

Prestone Tynsong, Deputy CM

As the relationship between BJP and NPP, both partners in the ruling Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) is getting strain after a series of allegations of corruption leveled by the BJP, a constituent of the ruling alliance. Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya and NPP leader, Prestone Tynsong today hit back at the saffron party saying the BJP was free to leave the MDA if they were uncomfortable in the alliance.
“If you (BJP) are not comfortable you (BJP) are free to leave the MDA Government as I think that is the best way to do,” Tynsong said.
The Deputy Chief Minister had earlier said that the Government had taken strong note of the continuous allegations of BJP which appear in the media frequently.
“Don’t keep criticizing at the same time you want to hold in the MDA Government,” he added.
“BJP state leadership for anything they demand of CBI, I am it is so easy to talk about CBI inquiry,” Prestone said adding, “As I said the due process has to be followed.”
Prestone was reacting to the demand of BJP state leadership for CBI inquiry in misappropriation of funds in GHADC.
The statement of Tynsong came on a day when state BJP leader and Health Minister, A L Hek met the BJP’s national secretary (Organisation), B Santosh in New Delhi to discuss issues of the state.
Earlier, Meghalaya BJP president Ernest Mawrie had even threatened to withdraw support from the present leadership if the Government fails to check corruption. However, the statement of the state BJP could not hold water as its MLA A. L. Hek was soberer in the matter.
The BJP had made several allegations of corruption in the two Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) of the state. The BJP stated that it would urge the state government to facilitate proper inquiry into the misuse of funds in the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) and Garo Hills Autonomous District Councils (GHADC).
Not only this the party also raised concern about illegal transportation of coal in which some media linked the name of a Meghalaya Minister. BJP Meghalaya unit went on saying if the minister concerned is involved in the illegal transportation of coal, then he must be arrested. The saffron party also raised concerns about the high electricity bill and even went on opposing the cabinet’s decision on the introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse (CBW) in Meghalaya.
BJP Meghalaya Pradesh President Ernest Mawrie said, “BJP Meghalaya Pradesh strongly opposed the introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse (CBW) in Meghalaya. “
“Centralising the bonded warehouse is not going to benefit the 44 bond owners in Meghalaya but will greatly benefit only four owners who will control the entire system of supply,” he added saying, “CBW was abolished in Rajasthan when the BJP Government found that it was not helping the needs of the State as only a few were benefiting out of it.”

“ CBW is often controlled by some individuals who make maximum profit for their political bosses which ultimately leads to the mafia system of functioning, BJP does not want Meghalaya to become a mafia ruled the state as it is turning into one with scams erupting right from councils, coal, electricity bills, etc and now Central Bonded Warehouse will turn into another corruption and destruction of the State.” he further said. EOM