Price Rise: It’s not possible, we cannot control the increasing price says Prestone Tynsong


An Exclusive interview with Prestone Tynsong: 

Social media is buzzing with the increasing price of essential commodities especially Vegetables, the plight of the people in the state especially during this festive month is uncountable.

Adding to the misery, the state Government has clearly stated that the prices of essential commodities especially the perishable items are uncontrollable.

“As far as the price of these perishable items it is uncontrollable and yes we cannot control it because it totally depends on the market, only Meghalaya Market it depends on the market nationally and even Internationally,” Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told Meghalaya News 24.

So far during this escalation of prices, the only hope that people had was the state Government.

Even commodities like vegetables, etc. which are grown locally have increased by leaps and bounds.

Stating that the Government cannot put a cap on rising prices, Prestone said, “Government cannot say hey the price of potato should be Rs 10 because during abnormal situations it may go up three fold.”

He also said, “This is an open market. How can the Government step in? We cannot control the price, it’s not possible. When the price goes down does anybody say why the price went down so much?”

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, the prices of essential commodities especially vegetables have shot up at an alarming rate. EOM


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