‘Reaching Out -Beyond The Call of Duty’- police responding to call of Humanity.


When the nation is living its worst nightmare, when humanity becomes rare, when the fight against COVID 19 becomes mightier, some men and women in Uniform are redefining the human face of Policing.

The men in Khaki at the 6th MLP Battalion have turned a new leaf in times of coronavirus pandemic as they go the extra mile to help people in the times of their need.

The initiative is called ‘Reaching Out -Beyond The Call of Duty,’ an initiative by Lakador Syiem, Commandant 6th MLP Bn., Umran that aims to reach out to the poor & destitute of the nearby villages in the run-up to Christmas and the ongoing  COVID19 outbreak.

Unrelenting in its spread, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the livelihoods of lakhs into a chaotic twister. Daily wagers, footpath vendors, migrant labourers have all had their only source of income snuffed out by the lockdown. To help them stay afloat, the men in uniform from 6th MLP Bn stepped in, doing their bit in multiple ways.

Talking about this noble initiative, Lakador Syiem, Commandant 6th MLP Bn said, “The officers and all other ranks of 6th MLP BN had decided to help out the poor and needy people of the nearby villages especially during the COVID pandemic, in this regard they had made donations and contributions to children’s homes and some private individuals who faced genuine problems earlier.”

Further, in the run-up to Christmas and keeping in mind the prevailing economic impact of COVID 19 they decided to make donations in the form of blankets. Since the campaign was launched on 1st December 2020 by 6th MLP BN, it is “Reaching Out – Beyond The Call of Duty”

“We started by donating 50 blankets to the neediest members of Umran Niangbyrnai village who were identified by the Dorbar Shnong,” the officer said.

This program will continue in the days to come in the surrounding villages of 6th MLP BN Hq Umran where they are donating 50 blankets in each village to the neediest people identified by the VDPs and Dorbar Shnongs. Joining hands as a good Samaritan, police personnel contributed to help the poor and the destitute.

“Till date, we have received contributions from our personnel and well-wishers to the tune of 500 blankets to be donated in the run-up to Christmas,” Syiem said.

From helping the needy to spreading awareness, police do everything to defeat COVID-19 and bring happiness in the face of people who needs our support. As winter sets in, police begin its winter Relief services by distributing woolen blankets to the poor & needy.

“We are hopeful that others too will support us in the future.  As of today 2nd December, another 400 blankets have been pledged to this program by our police personnel friends and well-wishers bringing the total to 900 blankets,” Syiem said while expressing gratefulness for police personnel, DC Ri-Bhoi, well-wishers, and donors.