‘Reason I am joining now is to help people & the state & the party, it is not for any position: RG Lyngdoh


Breaking his silence after Meghalaya News 24 first reported Former Home Minister Robert Garnett Lyngdoh rejoining Congress, Lyngdoh on Wednesday said his decision to rejoin the Congress was after there was a lot of pressure on him to come back to politics.


Lyngdoh told reporters that looking at the present scenario in the state which seems to be moving from bad to worse, the pressure keeps on building up.


“When the dispensation changed within the Congress, I thought chalo let me at least give it a last innings try and see how we can contribute because it’s frustrating to see things happening and you can’t do anything – that’s why I decided that yes I am joining the party again definitely,” he added.


His announcement also came after the recent appointment of Shillong MP Vincent H Pala as the new Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief.


He admitted that both Pala and his sister Ampareen Lyngdoh had also approached him to come back to the party.


According to him, it is upto the party to decide as to when he will be formally welcome to the party.


Lyngdoh also maintained that he is not joining the Congress for any position.


“I am not joining for any position or anything. I mean I’ve had positions, I’ve had power, I’ve lived it, I’m not attached to all that. The reason I am joining now is to help the people and the state and the party, it is not for any position…that is not important to me anymore,” he said.


The former home minister said he may have been away from politics but it doesn’t mean that he is totally detached from it.


“When you say staying away, it does not mean that I don’t have my finger on the pulse, my finger has been on the pulse all this time. I’ve been keeping a close watch on developments, I’ve been aware of what is happening, so it’s not that I am totally detached, I’ve not been totally detached from politics but in fact like I was saying the recent developments have contributed in a major way to my taking this decision to step back in,” he said.


“And hopefully with others in the party we will be able to make a positive change. Alone you cannot do anything you have to be able to build a team, you have to be able to lobby, you have to be able to make things happen along with others. I’ve always been a team player right from the beginning and I will continue with that same way of working,” he added.


When asked to elaborate on the frustration that he was referring to, Lyngdoh said, “You look at what is happening, the economy is down, you look at unemployment it is high, you look at the indicators…the dismal and unfortunately nobody seems to really care, these caused you frustration when you know the potential of the state and when you know how well it can perform, yet because of lack of direction it is not performing well, it can be very frustrating.”


On the other hand, Lyngdoh also expressed full confidence on the leadership of Pala by saying “Well they say a new broom always sweep much cleaner,” adding “I have full faith in him, I have full hope in him, I am sure that he has the capacity to deliver, it depends on the support that he gets, it depends on the team work that he is able to cultivate.”


On Congress’ sources claiming that he would also contest from South Shillong in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections, Lyngdoh however said that it is too early to say on that.


“Let’s take it one step at a time, let me join the party first then after joining the party, we will see which door opens, how things develop because I can’t just say I’m gonna stand from this constituency, I’m going to stand from that constituency, it doesn’t work like that, there has to be consultations and we have to see all the pros and cons, there are people already in the different constituencies, I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes – all of that have to be looked at,” he asserted.