Recruitment of specialist doctors continues to be challenging for Meghalaya: Ampareen

Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday said recruitment of specialist doctors continues to be challenging for the state of Meghalaya.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said there continues to be this big gap between availability of specialists and requirement of specialists.


“Hence, the government of Meghalaya has initiated the supplementing or the filling of these gaps by sending in-house doctors to gain additional certified programs that will enable them to return back to this state in a short span of time and get back to their hospitals to give this intervention that has become very critical. Most critical are these interventions like we need surgeons, we need gynecologists, we need the entire range of specialists that need to be generated in the systems,” she said.


According to her, so far the government of Meghalaya has taken positive and result oriented steps to try and fill the gap.


Having said that, the minister however said the government still needs to have a relook to incentivize specialists to come and work in the state of Meghalaya amidst all of its challenges so that we can serve citizens and provide for a better healthcare facility.

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