Regular class activities for schools, colleges, educational institutions to remain close


Meghalaya Government in a notification has asked all schools in the state to prepare a Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) to ensure all students are learning while stating that online/distance learning shall continue to be permitted and encouraged.


In a major decision, Meghalaya Government has directed that regular class activities for schools, colleges, educational institutions will continue to remain closed until further orders.


A day after the Ministry of Home Affairs has come up with new guidelines for reopening more activities in areas outside the containment zones, the state Government issued a notification signed by Principal Secretary in-charge Education, DP Wahlang on Thursday.


The notification also highlighted the activities which will be permitted in as far as educational institutions in the state are concerned. The notification said that schools will be permitted to open for activities, such as teacher-student counseling, clearing doubts, addressing hard spots, sharing unit/lesson plans, assignments, submission of works, student assessment programme etc.


It also asked the schools to develop a 50% attendance schedule/roster duty of teaching and non-teaching staff.


“Only students of classes 9 to 12 are permitted to visit their schools, in areas outside the

Containment zone only, on voluntary basis for taking guidance from their teachers. This will be subject to written consent of their parents/guardians and will be permitted with effect from 21 st September 2020 and mandatory compliance to the SOP notified at para 2 of this notification,” it said.


Elementary school teachers are to attend schools as per their Roster duty chart developed by the school for compulsory transaction of daily/weekly lessons and submission of assignments/lesson plans/worksheet/etc., accordingly via online or through parental distribution at the school campus.


Schools are to develop their individual micro planning relating to flexibility in school timings, scheduling of students’ visits and uniform code. Schools are advised to ensure short duration visits of students. School buses if utilized will be exempted from odd / even rules.