Rinaldo asks Conrad to speed up construction of Resubelpara-Gajing-Mendipathar road

​The All India Trinamool Congress leader Rinaldo K Sangma, MDC, GHADC on Tuesday has asked Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to direct the contractors to speed up the construction of Resubelpara-Gajing-Mendipathar road and solve the problem of people residing there.

Stating that the road is the the main lifeline to office, school goers and thousands of residents for all purposes, the TMC leader said, “I request you to stop the stunts, gimmicks and direct the contractors to speed up the construction and resolve the problems of our local people.”

Meanwhile, the MDC from 23 Rongrong GHADC constituency warned Chief Minister Conrad Sangma that the people of his district (NGH) would pay him back for all his political gimmicks in less than two months.

In a press statement, Rinaldo said, “Inaugurating half completed stadiums and constructing 100 metre black topping roads in some hours just for mere photo ops, how long will you keep deluding the people of Resubelpara and North Garo Hills when we are transiting through these roads every single day? The tardy Damra – Resubelpara – Bajengdoba is yet to see any progress considering the time period since initiation of the project in 2019 even after repeated complaints were made by several organizations and different stakeholders to the department and the Badri Rai Co. to expedite the roads constructions.”

According to the TMC leader, construction of roads have not been seen for a while and the one sided carpeting of the road in Gajing Bibra stretch, about which, tall claims were made by the Chief Minister in his social media handle was initiated just hours before his arrival to Resubelpara.

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