Ruling, opposition lauds police effort for surrender of Dristi Rajkhowa


The ruling and opposition in Meghalaya pat Meghalaya police for its efforts that led to the surrendering of top leaders of the United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent). While CM says it will lead to long-lasting peace, the leader of the opposition congratulates SF10.

The outfit’s deputy commander-in-chief Dhristi Rajkhowa (50) surrendered in South West Garo Hills, bordering Bangladesh on Wednesday.

Along with him, three others- 25-year-old Rup Jyoti Rabha, 22-year-old Babul Rabha, and 27-year-old Rahul Hazarika were detained.

Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma and Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma have congratulated the state police for their role in the surrendering of the most wanted militant leader.

“Obviously this particular incident will go a long way in helping the overall cause for peace in the nation and there will be more long-lasting peace in Garo Hills region,” Conrad K Sangma told reporters on Thursday.

He said it (militancy and insurgency problems) has a lot to do with socio-economic conditions. “Therefore, we need to continue our work to ensure socio-economically we make changes and overall development, in the long run, is the only solution to issues like these,” the chief minister asserted.

When asked about Rajkhowa’s surrendering before the Army, the chief minister however said, “There are lots of activities going on before that also I think you are aware of it and because of the activities of the Meghalaya police, the pressure was on him to move and in that movement, of course, there was coordination with the army and at the end of the day it was an effort from different angles which has led to the ultimate surrender, therefore, Meghalaya police have done a good job in ensuring there was continuous pressure was there which force them to flee from the locations.”

Congratulating the state police, Mukul Sangma said, “I would like to congratulate our Meghalaya police particularly the cadres in our elite SF 10. I must express my deep sense of appreciation as they have been trained to be the best and they have proved that they are worth.”

Stating that he had also raised the issue in the House about the movement of Rajkhowa in South Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and East Garo Hills, the former chief minister said, this movement has been on since 2018- 2019.


“Last time when Sohan D Shira, the commander in chief of GNLA was terminated during the police encounter in East Garo Hills, Rajkhowa was there, he managed to escape but he is completely acquainted with that terrain.


Rajkhowa has been the main link between various militant outfits in the western part of our state and ULFA and they raised many militant outfits. In fact, GNLA received active help from ULFA through Rajkhowa and many of those ambush against government security agencies were all done through him, he is an explosive expert. he was quite evasive,” Mukul Sangma said.


“We have been able to see this particular one of the second in the rank leader of the ULFA surrendering. This surrendering hasn’t happened just like that because there was obviously there was a fear to be caught and on the run-up for Assam elections there are bilateral engagement between India and Bangladesh in respect of internal security so there are lots of aggressive operations going on the other side as on the other side of the border along the southern slope of Meghalaya in Bangladesh there is quite a number of areas where Rajkhowa has his hideouts,” he said.

Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition said that he believes if this synergy between both the nations and Bangladesh does not remain a safe haven for insurgency outfits from the NE region, others will also slowly surrender one by one.