SAFF appeals citizen to not to succumb to hearsay without knowing truth.


Stating that there is no religious discrimination in Meghalaya, the Shillong All Faith Forum (SAFF) on Thursday appealed to everyone not to succumb to hearsay without really knowing the truth.

“ We appeal to all the people of the state, all the religious groups, all the NGOs and the organisations, to all the political parties, we appeal to everyone to not to succumb to hearsay that we read in media or information we get from social media without really knowing the truth,” Reverend Bishop P Lyngdoh, Church of North India (CNI) and SAFF president said, adding, “ What we see, what we hear may not be the real truth.”

The forum also urged citizens not to fall into the trap, to create division between communities, set by people from outside the state, even though they maintained that the state never experienced any religious discord.
“Shillong has never experienced religious discord; Shillong has never undergone any religious discrimination so far, only now that such things are coming up and we appeal to the whole state together as members of the Shillong All faith Forum to be calm not to take things without properly thinking,” Lyngdoh said.
The inter-faith leaders’ statement followed after three non-tribals youth submitted a memorandum to Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik accusing tribals of discrimination against the non-tribals on religious lines.
“Those trying to divide the people of Meghalaya should come to the state and should not make statements from outside,” Naba Bhattacharjee of the Central Puja Committee (CPC) and vice-president of the forum, told reporters.
The press briefing was addressed by the Reverend Bishop P Lyngdoh, Church of North India (CNI), and SAFF president, in presence of Noor Nongrum of Shillong Muslim Union, and Naba Bhattacharjee of the Central Puja Committee.
The meeting was attended by members of different faiths. Reverend Bishop P Lyngdoh, said that the meeting held at the Archbishop’s House, Laitumkhrah discussed the recent happenings in Shillong city.
“These happenings have brought unpleasant feelings among all in the state,” he said while appealing to all the young people not to take things into their own hands as there are right forums or platforms where things can be discussed. EOM