Sanbor Shullai lauds initiative of Chief Minister Conrad Sangma


 BJP legislator from South Shillong, Sanbor Shullai on Wednesday said that he has invented a vaccine against COVID-19.

 While opposing the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition against the MDA government in the Assembly, Shullai said that he has invented a vaccine for COVID-19.

 He said that he represented a constituency where there are many beggars.

 “When I interacted with beggars (in my constituency) and asked whether they are not afraid (about COVID-19), they replied no as God is there (to protect them). You will not find even a single beggar (affected by the virus) because we have the vaccine of God,” Shullai said.

 Lauding the government under the leadership of the chief minister, the BJP MLA said that the chief minister has taken the initiative to sanction Rs 25 lakh to each of the 60 MLAs for helping the needy people.

 He said the chief minister has also agreed to take up with the Centre to revert back the Garrison ground from the defence authority to the state government.