Sankardev College organises one day national webinar


The Department of Zoology, Sankardev College, Shillong in collaboration with Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), NERC, Shillong on Thursday organized a one day national webinar on “Sacred Groves of Meghalaya; a bastion for faunal conservation”.


Addressing the occasion, Director of ZSI, Kolkata, Dr Dhriti Banerjee highlighted the beauty and significance of sacred groves in different parts of India with special emphasis on the sacred groves of Meghalaya and its rich biodiversity.


The Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. P. V. Karunakaran, Senior Principal Scientist,

SACON, Coimbatore.


Other Resource Persons of the webinar were Dr. Duwaki Rangad, Associate Professor, St. Edmund’s College, Shillong and Dr. Saipari Sailo, Scientist-C, ZSI, CZRC, Jabalpur.


The webinar touched upon the core issues relating to the depletion of sacred groves and the all-important need for the conservation of the same. Sacred groves are the traditional means of biodiversity conservation which contribute to the health of the biological diversity of the region in particular and the country in general.


The participants included students, teachers and scholars from Shillong and other parts of India.

The webinar was organized as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the College.