Sensitisation on child rights


Worldwide, children have been profoundly affected by the social and economic upheavals caused by COVID-19. The pandemic unleashed a perfect storm into the lives of most marginalised children.
On the occasion of the International Child Rights Day, SPARK, an NGO focuses on Bringing Light to Lives took the initiative to organize a series of programmes sensitizing the children about their basic rights as well as creating awareness among the parents, youths, and community on issues concerning Child Rights- their role and responsibilities.
“Child Rights Day is basically observed to make the people get the knowledge about the Rights of every Child,” the NGO said in a press statement adding, “ As children are considered the Future of every Nation hence the day is celebrated to focus on ensuring Rights to every Child and work towards all-round development of the children stressing on the four basic rights ensured by the UNCRC are Right to Survival, Right to Protection, Right to Development and Right to participation.”
“SPARK’s pious objective of organizing the programme with the parents was with an understanding that family is very important as it is the foundation of every child,” the statement said.
“Therefore, it is indispensable to involve the family members in all welfare activities of the children as well as for the protection of the children from abuse and exploitation,” it mentioned.
“The highlight of the programme was forming Children’s Group at Mawlynrei Triashnong Village, Mawlong Village, Rangmen Village, and Bara Bazaar Slum empowering and building up the capacity of the children to stand as strong Pillar to fight against CRIME and EXPLOITATION AGAINST CHILDREN,” the release said.

In the concluding session, everyone stood up and pledged to ensure the Rights of every Child. Children too were provided a platform where they raised their voice and stood up for their rights. EOM