Seven covid death within a week in EKH


The District Covid-19 Task Force of East Khasi Hills District met at the office of the Deputy Commissioner on 14th December 2020 to review the status of COVID-19 cases, testing, and deaths in the district.
In view of a few localities reporting a large number of cases (more than 20), it was decided that active surveillance will continue in such areas and if necessary, areas will be contained to ensure that the transmission chain is stopped. The District Surveillance Officer informed that there have been 7 deaths reported in the span of a week ending 13th December, making the total case fatality rate in the district to stand at 1.3%. However, the case fatality rate among the elderly is high, at 10%, while 82% of the total deaths are of persons having co-morbidities.
In light of this, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized on the need for close monitoring of the elderly population and persons with co-morbidities. The DM&HO informed that many deaths are seen to occur due to late presentation at the hospital and hence it is important that symptoms are not ignored, especially amongst the elderly and co-morbid population, and they should report to the nearest health facility without delay. Further, the District Surveillance Officer reported that there have been many cases in which positive persons do not reveal their contacts, and also cases in which High Risk
Contacts refuse to undergo testing, thereby not giving a complete picture to the health authorities of the extent of transmission which can cause untested positive carriers to infect others resulting in a spike in infections.
In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner informed that action will be taken against anyone refusing to comply with the instructions of the Health authorities. With the advent of the festive season and a large number of weddings and other gatherings taking place, she instructed that strict adherence to protocols must be ensured. Further, she appealed that there should not be the stigma associated with positive cases or High-Risk persons, since this prevents the persons from extending their full cooperation due to fear of being stigmatized.
Lastly, the Task Force resolved on intensive drives and monitoring to be carried out in all commercial areas to check violators not wearing masks or complying to distancing norms. 3 (Three) Random Testing Sites in commercial areas in the city will also be set up. The Deputy Commissioner appeals to revelers, wedding parties, shoppers, and the general public to cultivate both individual and collective responsibility in the coming days so that there is no fresh surge of cases that can cast a shadow over this festive season.