Shangpliang slam Govt for its ‘indifferent attitude’ towards commercial vehicle operators


Slamming the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government for its ‘indifferent attitude’ towards the grievances of the commercial vehicle operators due to hike in fuel prices, Congress legislator from Mawsynram, Himalaya M Shangpliang said the state government should immediately resolve the issue.

“I don’t see any seriousness of the government to bring a solution to this matter. I am told that the deputy chief minister while receiving the memorandum from the JAC members said that he would examine the matter but three days have gone, yet there has been no action taken by the government. We have not heard a statement from the government as well,” Shangpliang told reporters at a news conference held on Friday.

Terming the demand of the commercial vehicles as genuine, Shangpliang said the state government should immediately come up with remedial measures to resolve this imbroglio.

“The government should either bring down the cost of petrol which they have charged at Rs 31 as tax or increase the taxi fares,” he asserted.

It may be mentioned that the indefinite strike called by the commercial vehicles under the banner of the Meghalaya Joint Action Committee of Commercial Vehicles (MJACCV) for the past three days have caused huge inconveniences to the commuters.

The MLA also threatened to come out to the street the protest if the government continues to be silent on the issue.

Shangpliang said that the ongoing stalemate has also to a great extent affected the farmers in the rural areas as they cannot transport their agricultural products to Shillong and other parts of the state.

He said in the case of his constituency, all the broomstick and bay leaf are lying in the godown causing great loss to the local farmers.

“Therefore, I request the government of the day not to delay in resolving this problem in the interest of the farmers and citizens of the state,” the MLA said, adding that there are also lots of patients in rural areas who are waiting to come to Shillong for their treatments.

Asked, Shangpliang said that to impose about 31 percent on fuels without considering the outcome is something not expected from the government of the day.

“There are many sources of taxes in which the state government can generate income and if the central government can impose tax on fuels about 19 percent then it is also the duty of the government of the day to be reasonable with regards to state taxes on fuels,” said Shangpliang.