Speaker to examine letter submitted by 12 legislators defected from Congress


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh said he will examine the letter submitted by the 12 legislators defected from opposition Congress and merged with All India Trinamool Congress.


“I have received the letter and am examining it, whatever needs to be done will be done at the earliest,” Assembly speaker Metbah Lyngdoh told reporters on Thursday.


The Speaker received two sets of letters one from the  defecting Congress legislators and second one from AITMC.


“They have submitted the letter yesterday, 12 of them so I have received the letter submitted by the 12 MLAs who are all from the Congress party and they have also mentioned that they have joined the All India Trinamool Congress, at the same time I have also received a letter from the All India General Secretary of TMC Avishek Banerjee who has also welcomed them and recognised them as the member of AITCM,” Lyngdoh said.


The 12 MLAs who have split from Congress were asked by the Speaker to be physically present before him.


“Since I have received the letter yesterday and I have requested all the 12 members of the Assembly who belong to the congress party and who have spitted from the congress party to ensure all of them   have signed the letter which I have received yesterday, I have requested them to come today and be present before me physically and I have verified it personally today,” he added.


Asked if 2/3 majority is qualified, he said as far as the 2/3 majority as per the 10 schedule, the Speaker said, “They have qualified, no doubt about it and the rest of the thing needs proper examination so that due course of action will be taken. “


“The letter that I have received yesterday was the first step, secondly they were present today, physically all 12 of them. I need some time to examine the matter and to communicate to them accordingly,” he said.


Asked since they have qualified, it is right for the Assembly to recognise the new split party as the principal opposition, he said, “I have no comments right now as far as that is concerned, I will examine the matter and ensure that all steps taken by my office from here will be as per the constitution.”


To be the principal opposition party and get the entitlement to have Leader of opposition the concerned party must have at least 10% of the total strength of the house. A single party has to meet the 10% seat criterion, not an alliance.