SSA teachers urge Govt to release four months pending salaries


All Meghalaya SSA School Teachers’ Association, Shillong, on Wednesday, wrote to Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui requesting him to release four months’ pending salaries before October 25th.

In the letter addressed to the Education Minister, AMSSASTA central body, General Secretary, Defender S Lamare said, “… we humbly request your honour to kindly and immediately release our pending dues on or before October 25th, 2021, so that we, as teachers, can meet our family requirements and also be able to perform our normal duty at school.”

Highlighting the plight of the teachers due to irregularity in release of salaries, Lamare said, “Last salary was received on the month of August 2021, which was due for three months but has been released only for one month viz. for the month of May 2021 only. At present, the salary has mounted to four months w.e.f. June to September 2021.

“Seeing the plight of the teachers, and their families, with the normal school duty that has resumed, it has put us into a very critical situation, where the prices of all commodities have shot up thrice the rate, and the travel fare has doubled up,” he added.

Meanwhile, the SSA teachers from Ri Bhoi District, under the banner of the All Meghalaya SSA Teachers Association (AMSSATA), on Wednesday staged a protest in the office premises of the Education Department in Ri Bhoi demanding the release of pending salaries which had not yet been released by the state government.

SSA teachers from Ri Bhoi District gathered in the office premises of the School Education Officer of Ri Bhoi District and displayed their placards and banners to oppose the adamant attitude of the state government in not releasing the pending salaries of all the SSA teachers.

Ri Bhoi AMSSATA President, Sevrin Kharsyiemiong, said that we are compelled to stage the protest as the government is not aware of the problems faced by the SSA teachers.

He also said that the SSA teachers from Ri Bhoi had also demanded the state government to release the five months’ pending salaries, and that, being teachers, they could not impart education to students on an empty stomach.

He further said that if the state government was not aware of their problems, the salaries had not been released for the last five months, as the SSA teachers had no hesitation in prolonging their protest and serving or imparting education on an empty stomach was not possible for them. They also could not drink only water, and they needed food and other essential commodities for their family, he further added,