You can use them to troll people online. Or you can use them to study. In this age of technology, Ritam Deep Chowdhury who secured third position in SSLC examination said he spent hours on internet learning and getting coached through YouTube videos which helped him to be exam topper.

Talking to reporters, he said, “I studied smart. I followed many of the YouTube courses our teachers guided us.”

Asked, he said, “YouTube very much helps us it visualizes first of all that’s why the concept was very much clear. “

Chowdhury has decided to pursue science and go for engineering in the future.

“Pursue science; my aim is to become an engineer. I will go out of the state for further studies,” he said.

The information technology industry continues to charm new entrants in engineering colleges.

Inspired by the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the SSLC topper said he may be opting for Computer Science (CS).

 “Most probably computer science, now is the generation of AI that’s why I feel. AI is going to be an important factor in the coming years,”  Ritam Deep said.

Talking about spending quality time in studies, he said his simple mantra in life is, “Study every day, intensity is not the key but consistency is .. so study regularly.”

By Editor