State Govt increases MHIS coverage to Rs 60,000

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong

Amidst the media reports pointing out ‘Exorbitant’ COVID-19 Treatment cost in the private hospitals in Meghalaya, the state Government has decided to increase the coverage of the Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) to Rs 60,000 for beneficiaries in view of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have decided to increase the coverage from Rs 4,900 up to Rs 60,000,” Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told reporters after a review meeting held on Thursday.

He said the decision was taken on the basis of immediate relief to be extended to the concerned beneficiaries.

According to him, Rs 4900 is the existing rate charged to MHIS beneficiaries on being admitted in the hospital.

Tynsong however expressed disappointment as the enrollment under MHIS is only 58.5 percent.

“Therefore, I urge to all citizens who are eligible to register themselves under this scheme so that the benefit can be extended to all of them,” he said.

Asked, Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War said earlier when patients are being admitted in the hospital, the coverage of the MHIS was only Rs 4,900 per day.

“Now, we have workout a formula (by) increasing this amount up to Rs 60,000 per day and this benefit will only be extended to COVID-19 patients,” he said.