‘State needs more problem solvers than noise makers’: Jemino Mawthoh

SHILLONG, APR 8: United Democratic Party (UDP) general secretary Jemino Mawthoh on Monday said the state needs more problem solvers than noise makers.


Speaking at an election campaign for RDA candidate at Iawmusiang Jowai, Mawthoh said, “We are a small community with too many diseases. However, we only have people, who shout they love the jaidbynriew. Yes, we do need noise makers but we need more problem solvers.”


He also added, “We have many leaders in Meghalaya but how many of them can manage the state?”


Mawthoh said, “We have worked so hard in regards to the reservation policy. There was a protest in regards to the reservation policy but I will tell you we have sat a total of 14 meetings with the legal experts seeking their view on the issue of reservation policy. We are concerned with regards to the issue of CAA, UCC, border dispute, drug menace, and education.”


he said, “You cannot say that UDP and HSPDP are useless. They are the oldest regional parties.”


He said that the RDA will continue to make efforts to unify the regional parties and unite the people of Khasi and Jaintia Hills.


“My dream is to have only one united regional force in Meghalaya,” he added.


Stating that there are political parties who are trying to weaken the UDP and HSPDP, Mawthoh said, “They started levelling various allegations that we are part of this government. In 2013, UDP won 8 seats under the leadership of Dr Donkupar Roy. I remember Dr Donkupar asked me whether I want to the in the ruling or in the opposition so I told him since we won only 8 seats, let us be in the opposition and we were there for five years. In 2018, since we have sacrificed in 2013, we thought that from 8 seats, our strength will increase to 24 – 30 seats. Unfortunately, we were defeated and we got only 6 seats in 2018. In 2023, from 6 we increased our strength to 12 seats under the leadership of Metbah Lyngdoh. Had it not been for spoilers, we would have got 20 seats, we would have got to sit in cabinet and assembly.”


On linking UDP with the BJP, Mawthoh said, “There is also this allegation that UDP are working together with the BJP. We were slammed in social media. But look what happened now, the BJP is supporting the NPP. This clearly shows that the UDP does not have any relationship with the BJP. If we are connected with the BJP, it should have extended support to us. BJP has gone with NPP, so how can BJP be working with UDP.”

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