State police competent enough to deal with illegal coal trade says Rymbui


Giving a thumbs up to the state police for managing well the investigation of the illegal coal trade in Meghalaya, Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said that the state police is competent enough to deal with the illegal mining of coal and its transportation.

Refusing to comment on a recent demand to handover the investigation into the illegal coal mining accident which killed six labourers in East Jaintia Hills district, Rymbui said, “As I said the law will take its own course and the police are doing their job (to nab the culprits).”

The minister also reacted to the BJP’s daring him to take action on the issue and said, “It is not a question that they dare me but it is my constitutional responsibility to see whatever illegalities…and whatever incident or case, it should reach its logical end.”

Stating that the state police is competent enough to handle the case, Rymbui said, “We have to trust our own agencies. It is useless for the government or a person who has been in the administration not to trust in his own state machineries. The state machineries are doing their best and they will do their best so we have to trust our own machineries otherwise what is the use of having the state machineries.”

He further informed that the process of investigation into the incident is on. “The investigating officer (IO) has the full power to do what is needed relating to the case,” the minister added.