State Security Commission now has no say on appointment of DGP: Rymbui


Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Tuesday said the appointment of the new Director General of Police (DGP) was according to the guidelines of the Supreme Court, even as he maintained that the State Security Commission now has no say on the appointment of the DGP.

Assam’s Special Director General of Police (Training & Armed Police), Dr Lajja Ram Bishnoi on Monday was appointed as the new Director General of Police (DGP) of Meghalaya.

Mukesh Agrawal and KV Singh Deo, both belonging to the 1989 batch, were also among the names shortlisted by the UPSC out of the five names sent by the state government earlier after the retirement of R Chandranathan on December 21, 2021.

When asked on the question raised against the selection process, Rymbui told reporters that the appointment of the new DGP was as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court and not as per the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010.

“In light of the Supreme Court judgment, the government should empanelled the list of officers and send the list to the UPSC and the UPSC. After scrutinizing the list, the UPSC will recommend three names and the state government will have no choice but to appoint a person from among those three empanelled persons.”

“I don’t question the efficiency or the capability of the other officers but we have to choose one and we have chosen Dr LR Bishnoi,” he said.

Rymbui also rubbished reports alleging that there was a strong lobby for appointment of Lajja Ram Bishnoi as the new Meghalaya DGP.

“There is no truth in the rumors. The government has appointed the person to the best of its judgment that he will head the state police in Meghalaya,” he said.

According to the home minister, the question of seniority does not arise at all.

“Once you are empanelled in the list then the seniority is academic, seniority is for your service but for the appointment of DGP, these three are equal and remember this post is a tenure post for two years. So all three names in the eye of the government are equal, so we can choose anybody from the list,” he said.