Supported by 45 MLAs- MDA 02 Govt will be sworn in on Tuesday

Lots of hush hush, a lot of Drama but ultimately just 36 hours before NPP National President Conrad K Sangma is set to be sworn in as the 13th Chief Minister of Meghalaya, the regional parties led by United Democratic party extended support to the NPP- BJP alliance.

This development came around 6 pm when United Democratic party (UDP) Vice President AF Dkhar accompanied other legislators submitted a letter of support to Conrad Sangma.

The news was confirmed by the office of NPP National President,  Conrad Sangma sharing the pictures of both UDP and PDF extending support.

Interestingly PDF leaders went to the Chief Minister’s bungalow last night to submit their letter of support.

The two HSPDP MLAs stayed back with NPP – BJP.

Despite there were voices raised to have a ‘Khasi Chief Minister’ in Meghalaya, United Democratic Party later in the evening extended the support to the NPP BJP led alliance. This development came after other regional parties joined the ruling squad.

Reportedly, according to the sources, the UDP is bargaining for 3 cabinet berths for its legislators. While PDF and HSPDP are likely to get one each cabinet berth. Even BJP is also likely to satisfy itself with only one, although, this will be again on rotation basis.

 According to sources,  NPP will keep 5 cabinet berths and the CM post reserved for itself.

With this Conrad Sangma will be the Chief Minister of Meghalaya for the second consecutive term.

Now the NPP led alliance has the support of 45 elected members – including 26 NPP , 11 UDP, 2 BJP, 2 HSPDP, 2 PDF and 2 Independents.

The opposition will be left with 14 which includes 5 each from TMC and Congress and 4 from VPP.

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