Tirot Sing Memorial Hospital, Mairang performs pyelolithotomy operation

SHILLONG, JUNE 13: In a remarkable medical achievement, the dedicated team at Tirot Sing Memorial Hospital, Mairang, performed a groundbreaking pyelolithotomy operation on June 12, 2024. The operation, led by Dr. T. Lyngdoh, Medical Superintendent, and Dr. I. Ryntathiang, Surgeon, alongside their skilled team, successfully removed a large calculus from the renal pelvis of a patient, marking a significant milestone in the hospital’s surgical capabilities._
_This complex procedure, crucial for relieving the patient from severe pain and potential kidney damage, was executed with precision and care. The expertise and coordination displayed by the medical team underscore the advanced surgical skills and dedication present at Tirot Sing Memorial Hospital._
_Dr. Lyngdoh and Dr. Ryntathiang’s exemplary leadership and the team’s unwavering commitment to patient care have not only restored health to the patient but also set a new benchmark for medical excellence in the region. This successful operation is a testament to the hospital’s continual efforts to provide top-tier medical care to the community._
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