TMC calls it fight against BJP and its anti tribal policies


While, opposition Congress in Meghalaya is jittery over the loss of its 2/3 members, the All India Trinamool Congress calls it a fight against BJP and its anti tribal policies.

Rajya Sabha member from West Bengal, Sushmita Dev on Thursday while welcoming Dr. Mukul Sangma and 11 other Congress leaders said Meghalaya politics will change from here on, it will be inclusive, it will be peaceful.

“ I think it’s a right move because BJP is destroying the Northeast, they have disturb the peace of Northeast with its divisive politics, we need a party and a leader to fight this and clearly the congress is unable to do this because of their internal problem. So he has joined the larger fight against BJP, they know nothing about Northeast,”[ the TMC leader said.

Stressing on the need to have a leader who can bring everyone together, Dev said, “You know the anti tribal things have gone up so much, the friction between tribal and non tribal has gone up. So you need someone who can bring everyone together. I think Mukul ji has taken a step in the right direction, I welcome him.”

Asked, she said, “The only way forward  is to prepare for the election,  the only way you can defeat these parties is by fighting an election and defeating them.”

The former Mahila Congress President feels the TMC’s win in West Bengal has positioned Mamata Banerjee as the most formidable force against the BJP.

“Mamta didi is welcoming everybody with the same ideology who are willing to fight against the communal force like BJP,” she added.

Stating that DR. Sangma has made a good move by joining TMC, the Rajya Sabha member said, “People want an alternative and they feel she is a very good and strong alternative.”

While maintaining that Dr. Mukul Sangma is a capable leader for leading the party, She  said, “Meghalaya politics will change from here on, it will be inclusive, it will be peaceful and BJP will not be able to destroy the state of Meghalaya like they are doing.”