TMC Meghalaya’s decision on Lok Sabha poll candidates will depend on on latest political development

​Amidst the formation of the INDIA Alliance, TMC leader Dr Mukul Sangma on Friday said the party will take decisions about the candidates and seats to be contested for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections at an appropriate time and forum.

Talking to reporters, Dr Sangma said as the dynamics of whole political development is unfolding across the nation; the decision will be influenced by this political development.

“This whole decision will be discussed at an appropriate time, at an appropriate forum, you have seen the dynamics of whole political development that unfolding across the nation. You are witnessing the whole thing unfolding, so therefore, the every decision will be definitely be to a great extent will be influenced by what happens due to the political dynamics that is unfolding across the nation,” the TMC parliamentary party leader said.

The Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance is a big tent political alliance of 28 political parties in India. The primary objective of the alliance is to take down the ruling National Democratic Alliance government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2024 Indian general elections.

Asked, he said, “In respect of the parliamentary election the whole political dynamics that will unfold will be determined by as to what are the decisions ultimately taken collectively. We will have to wait for that. It will be premature for us to presume and assume and just give you some kind of response which will be considered as more of an anticipation, more on presumption. “

“So let’s wait for the right time, I think the whole political dynamics that we  are witnessing is nothing in isolation,” the TMC leader added.

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