The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) North Shillong candidate Elgiva G Rynjah on Thursday slammed NPP for growing unemployment in the state and said the ruling party did nothing to address the employment problems of the youths.

Reacting to the NPP’s terminology of baaki (credit) card, which the ruling party has called to TMC’s promises- ‘We Card’ and ‘MYE’, Rynjah, said her party gives priority to Financial Inclusion for Women Empowerment Scheme  and Youth Development.
“We have seen five years back what NPP- NDA alliance has done for the state, the people know and they will be giving their verdict, we have to say that NPP has done nothing for the youth, has done nothing for the state; all they did was just disturbance. We have to bring back the glory of Meghalaya,” the TMC leader said.

Earlier, the National People’s Party (NPP) reiterated that the promises made by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee during her election meeting in North Garo Hills on Wednesday were mere poll gimmicks, which sound good only on paper and in publicity materials.

Meanwhile, highlighting her priorities, Elgiva G Rynjah said, “We have to see that employment has to be generated as we can see the youths of our states and also my constituency is in shambles manner, they are in such situation because of lack of jobs, that is why the first priority is the MYE card in Meghalaya, the reason that we want to help the youths of the state.”

“Another priority for us is Education, Meghalaya is the main hub for Education, but the fact is our leaders are not in that capacity when we have a lot of abundance in the state where people from other states come to Meghalaya for Education but where is that? Where is the glory?” she added.

By Editor