TMC welcomes Govt’s decision on roster system, reminds Govt to create more job opportunities for youths

The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) Friday welcomed the decision of the government to prospectively implement the roster system, however, the party also  asked the state Government to look forward to  more create job opportunities for the youths.


After attending an all-party meeting here, AITC state vice president and former Rangsakona legislator Zenith Sangma said the meeting has provided a lot of insight of so many things after the roster system is in place.


He said whenever there is a reservation policy, there should be a roster system in place as it is mandated in the law. He said the high court had to intervene because there was no roster system even after having the reservation policy.


“So now, this roster system is being implemented and we want while implementing this roster system all stakeholders should be on board. The government has assured that a committee will be instituted pertaining to the implementation of the roster system comprising of members from each political party,” he said.


“While implementing this roster system, the Government has to ensure that there will be job opportunities because due to lack of job opportunity there has been chaos among the youths, we urge upon the Government to create more job opportunities and livelihoods,”  AITC Vice President Zenith Sangma said.


AITC vice president and former Umroi MLA George B Lyngdoh said that the party has demanded for prospective implementation of the roster system and the government has also agreed.


“Even though the retrospective effect is to understand the various positions of the various posts across all departments but then all recruitments will be done prospectively that was demanded by our party and that will be done,” he said.


He informed, “We had our queries. One was that I think this is the best kind of positioning that the government can keep itself with considering the kind of data and information and 50 years behind us that had gone. So the roster has to be put in place and this would be the best way to move forward to bring all political parties on board and after this whatever final decision will come, the government will give us presentation and based on that we will again be discussing.”


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