Tourism dept will soon issuie tender for interior renovation of Pinewood Hotel

SHILLONG, JUNE 12: The state government on Wednesday said the tourism department will soon issue a tender for the interior renovation of Pinewood Hotel once the detailed project report (DPR) is finalized and approved.


A statement issued by BL Lyngdoh for Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) said, “We would like to clarify unequivocally that no work has been allotted to  Vikram Singhania. The department will issue a tender for the renovation once the DPR is finalized and approved by the government. This tender process will be conducted transparently, allowing all eligible local contractors to participate.”


It said that local contractors who meet the criteria set by the engineering wing of the department will be given preference, ensuring community involvement and benefit.


“We assure the public and all stakeholders that the renovation of Pinewood Hotel will proceed with the highest standards of transparency and integrity,” the MTDC official said.

The statement said that the government remains committed to upholding these values throughout the project, fostering trust and ensuring the project’s successful and ethical completion.


It said that the project aims to enhance the facilities of this iconic establishment, ensuring it meets modern standards while preserving its historical charm.


Currently, the DPR for the Pinewood Hotel renovation is under preparation.


The scope of work includes the interior renovation of the Banquet Hall, Kitchen, Restaurant, Restaurant extension, Coffee shop, Lobby & Reception, and Conference room, along with Furniture, Lighting, and HVAC upgrades.


Further, the statement  also clarified that as this renovation involves an existing wooden structure, numerous unforeseen works have necessitated preliminary assessments.


“To this end, labourers have been engaged solely for dismantling parts of the ceiling and wooden floors in the kitchen, restaurant, and banquet hall under the supervision of the design consultant. This phase is crucial for assessing the stability and condition of the structure and determining the detailed scope of work required for the DPR’s finalization. The Rose Studio Private Limited, the same firm that designed the Meghalayan Age Store in New Delhi, has been engaged as the design consultant for this project.”

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