Traditional sports of khasi Jaintia and Garos to be part of Meghalaya games : CM

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said the traditional sports of khasi Jaintia and Garos will be included in the third edition of the Meghalaya Games in Tura. This will be a confluence of the modern and traditional tribal games showcasing linkage of the tribal with the sports.

Addressing the gathering at the launch of BUILD”-Bringing Unity In Locale against Drugs, a community-state forum under the Drug Reduction Elimination & Action Mission (DREAM), Sangma said local sports are also made part of Meghalaya games.

“Apart from being just the Meghalaya games, I have asked the sports department to have traditional sports of the khasi, the Jaintia and the Garos to also be part of the discipline. So let our youths go into old tribal sports that we used to have, let there be one or two disciplines, so that our youths are reminded that tribals have always been linked to sports. So you will find discipline in the local sports also being part of this programme,” Sangma said.

“We will also have programme where youth will go to different parts of the state,  they will be taken to experience the culture of those regions, so that the tourism outing after the games and they will be allowed to meet different youths from different parts of the state,” the CM added.

Further, the chief minister said that the State Government wants to connect the Meghalaya Games with Fit India programme. He said dream program will be connected to Meghalaya games as all the youths who will be participating in the sporting event should be an ambassador to the Drug free Meghalaya.

DREAM which is an acronym for Drug Rehabilitation, Elimination and Action Mission and Community-State Forum BUILD, an acronym for Bringing Unity in Locale Against Drugs are programs of the Social Welfare program in drug abuse elimination and rehabilitation of abusers.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma was the chief guest on the occasion. Addressing the gathering, the CM said the DREAM mission is a collaborative endeavor whereby the Police Department, the Social Welfare Department, the health and family welfare department along with the community and faith based organizations are working together to implement a collective vision.

He said Meghalaya has a very strong community based system where the community leaders plays crucial roles in all different social aspect of live. He appreciated traditional bodies for their pivotal role during the COVID 19 crisis.  He also appreciated the tireless efforts of the NGOs, religious organizations as well as community organizations for their dedication and commitment and extended all support on behalf of the government to curb the menace of drugs among youth of the State.

Minister, Social Welfare, Paul Lyngdoh, in his speech said that the government is doing its best to ensure that drug abuse is eliminated from Meghalaya. He also thanked the different NGOs, church organizations and dorbar shnongs in their constant support against drug abuse in the state.

The dignitaries and representatives of different organizations and religious bodies also signed the Community Accord for fight against drug abuse during the course of the program. The Chief Minister also handed over a cheque of Rs 6 lakhs to Mawlai Dorbor for their initiatives and efforts towards drug rehabilitation.

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