Two coal trucks go missing; activist fighting to highlight illegalities threatened


Two social activists on Monday filed an FIR against one person for issuing threats against them after they had reported an alleged illegal transportation of coal.   

 In the complaint lodged with the Madanryting police station, Civil Society Women Organization (CSWO) chief Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma said that concerned public have informed that two coal trucks (AS 01-EC 0796 and AS 01-GC 5019) are parked in Wahsnait, Laitkor and that acidic water was dripping from them which may pollute the groundwater in the area.

 They immediately informed the Madanryting police to verify.

 “The OC of Madanryting had deputed police to inspect the coal trucks and the police were posted there as we too ((Agnes and Amita) went to the place and saw the coal trucks. We were also informed by the police that the drivers of the two trucks had fled. We had also gone to the place and saw the coal trucks and we saw the acid leakage from the truck and the police told us that they were instructed to guard the coal trucks while waiting for the cranes to pull the trucks,” the FIR said.

 The social activists said they later met the OC of Madanryting, who informed them that the police were waiting for the cranes to pull the coal trucks to the police station.

 However later after they went back home, one person who identified himself as Nick Nongkhlaw called Agnes Kharshiing 9436118164 from number 6009432916 and since the network was not clear the phone was disconnected.

 The person also called Amita Sangma and he (Nongkhlaw) claimed that he had given money to the coal truck owners and had paid the money. He also told her he wanted her to release the truck of his friend. He also started the conversation by saying he knows her son and this is a sort of threat on the undersigned witness (Amita Sangma) and puts in danger of anyone exposing the illegal activities in the state and Amita immediately informed me and I informed the OC of Madanryting,” it said.

 Agnes and Amita further informed that they were informed that the two trucks have gone missing.

 They urge that the person having number 6009432916 be called for inquiry and his call details be called from the network of this number and to investigate whom he connected with and who has helped for the disappearance of the coal trucks in Wahsnait and “who has groomed him to call up Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma, and mentioning to Amita Sangma, ‘nga ithuh khun phi’, putting a direct threat on lives of activists and anyone reporting of illegal coal.”

 The two activists further demanded investigation as to who from the police has been helping him to take away the trucks under the nose of the police and register the sections as per law, and also for violation of the illegal coal transportation.