Tynsong asks BJP ‘to set its house in order.’


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has asked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to set its house in order.

 “It seems that their house is not in order,” Tynsong said while taking a jibe at the BJP, one of the coalition partners of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government, on Tuesday.

 “If different statements are coming from the BJP state president and their MLAs, I think a question needs to be raised because something is wrong somewhere and that their house is not in order,” he said.

 Tynsong was referring to allegations made by the BJP state office bearers and the same being denied by the two MLAs.

 “If they are alleging that the MDA is corrupted, that means they are alleging against all the MLAs in the MDA (including BJP),” he while requesting the BJP to resolve their differences internally.

 He said as far as the alleged corruption in the autonomous district councils – GHADC and JHADC – is concerned, the state government is waiting for the report of the inquiry.

 “We have instituted a team from the Directorate of Accounts to go into the details and find out whether there is any misutilization of central funds in the ADCs. We are still waiting for the report,” Tynsong said.


Stating that to simply allege the MDA to be a corrupted government is totally wrong, the deputy chief minister however said, “I want to state here that once you go for such allegations, please substantiate it.”


Regarding the alleged illegal movement of coal trucks, Tynsong said that too, there is a standing order where the government has authorized the district administration and SPs of all districts to be proactive and seized illegal trucks so that action can be taken as per law.